Isle of Wight
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Isle of Wight

Earlier this year I started thinking about a potential trip to the Isle of Wight for a bit of an odd reason… it is going to sound loopy but I had a very vivid dream that we moved to the Isle of Wight. I don’t usually pay much attention to dreams! However it was such a weirdly specific thing and the dream version of the Isle of Wight was so nice that it put the idea in my mind that it would be a good place to visit.

Many months later, with Simon and my sister, we ended up planning a short holiday there. This has been a summer of small trips with long weekends stretched as far as possible. We were only there from Friday to Monday, so we barely scratched the surface of things to do, but at the bottom of the post are the things we did and what we enjoyed. The real-life Isle of Wight lived up to the dream version!
Isle of Wight
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Driving the Iceland Ring Road

In early June we visited Iceland for 12 days, 9 of which we spent driving in a full circle around the edge of Iceland, starting and ending our trip in Reykjavik. These are some of my pictures from the trip, go to the end of the post for all the information. Iceland is one of the most enjoyable and relaxing places I have ever visited.


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Worton Organic Garden

I’m back!

Well hello! I’m back!

I took a break for over a year, not for any specific reason but for several vague ones.

The nature of blogs had changed a lot in the past 10 years, the very internet itself seems ever more public, professional, and sponsored. Cozy little blogs about not much in particular are shutting down one-by-one. I wasn’t sure what place mine had in this new ecosystem.

Additionally on a more personal level in my day-job I now regularly take photographs, edit them, and put them online… so to come home and do exactly the same thing seemed not right. Should your hobby be different from your work?

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