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I’m back!

Well hello! I’m back!

I took a break for over a year, not for any specific reason but for several vague ones.

The nature of blogs had changed a lot in the past 10 years, the very internet itself seems ever more public, professional, and sponsored. Cozy little blogs about not much in particular are shutting down one-by-one. I wasn’t sure what place mine had in this new ecosystem.

Additionally on a more personal level in my day-job I now regularly take photographs, edit them, and put them online… so to come home and do exactly the same thing seemed not right. Should your hobby be different from your work?

I did however really miss having a blog! It is my diary of sorts. There have been many times when I’ve thought of something that I’d like to share online. Having a blog has also given me so much: I have met some great people, it has helped me in my career, and to be a better photographer.

I have given the site a new look and I’ve archived the old content. If there is anything useful that you want back, feel free to contact me.

My plan for the future is quality over quantity. I won’t be posting often but when I do post I hope to post something good. I am also doing several round ups – lists of useful things in the places that I visit often. The first of these is already there – my list of Berlin places. I confess these round-ups are as much for me as I like to keep track of what I’ve enjoyed!

The first proper post is coming up and it’s a big one – our Iceland trip.

Thanks for visiting.

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