This is me

I’m Alice Watanabe. I live in Oxford, UK, with Simon, my partner of 10+ years. We have two cats (Beep and Ira). My day-job is managing websites, digital content and multimedia. I take photographs every day – for my work this is usually portraits or event photography, outside work I love to photograph landscapes. I most often use my Canon 5D MKII DSLR.

I studied Fine Art in London at Chelsea College of Art and Design and Central St Martins. I am British, my family background is Japanese, German and Irish.


Travel is one of my favourite things to do. For family (and fun) reasons I try to get back to Japan every three years, and to Berlin and Ireland once a year.

Gardening and food

Both are often on my mind. I have a small south-facing walled garden where I grow fruit, vegetables, and flowers. It’s a work in progress.

Making things

Since I was a kid I have made things – clothes, toys, art, furnishings, etc. In recent years much of my endeavours have been on a larger scale – carpentry and DIY for our house which was in a bad state when we bought it. We are almost finished so I hope soon to be able to put down the mitre saw and pick up a needle again and to make things just for fun.

Where is the old content?

I have had a blog for a very long time. After a 14 month break from April 2013 to July 2015 I decided to come back to sharing my pictures here. I started afresh, archiving the 10 years of content as the old site felt bloated with the old content not necessarily reflecting me any more, nor the landscape of the internet as it now. If there is anything useful that you want back, feel free to contact me.